February 21, 2008

furniture reborn*

this past weekend i started repainting most of my furniture. over the years i have amassed an eclectic assortment of furniture. i'm definitely not little miss mega bucks, and i've never had room in my budget for designer furniture. my furniture is a mixture of thrifted items, a few family heirlooms and random free stuff.

i'm not much for matching, but i wanted to make the items i have, work together, not against each other. besides, i've moved four times in the past six years alone. moving is rough on furniture. so it was about time i spruced things up a bit.

unfortunately, i didn't take many before shots, so the results will seem far less dramatic. just imagine lots of dings + huge patches of missing paint, but not in a cool distressed antiques roadshow kinda way.... we're talking tired old furniture. seeing my scruffy looking dressers and bookcases next to my freshly painted walls made everything seem even that much uglier. so, before i started to unpack my books and load up my bookcases i decided to give them a fresh coat of paint. one bookcase became two, and then there was a dresser, a night stand, and the list continues. here are a few examples of my furniture reborn in the lovely springtime, easter basket shades that are slowly taking over my home.



+ pink.

i've also been busy modifying my great grandmother's push pedal singer sewing machine cabinet into a new home for nadine. for a brief time when i was in high school, i entertained the idea of using the push pedal to sew with. it's a very romantic idea, the self powered machine, but it's very impractical. you kinda need at least three hands to get things going, there's no reverse stitch, and the bobbin casing is a major pain in the ass.

for the past six or more years the sewing cabinet has proved and excellent tv stand. meanwhile, i've been sewing with my various machines, a top random table tops. so, i decided it was time i had a proper sewing table. it just made since to try and use the cabinet i have, as it was truly intended. i had to remove random bits of now useless hardware. i also cut out a few notches for nadine's slightly fuller frame. i will be losing the cabinet's drop-down capabilities for now, but i'm never one for stowing my machine out of sight anyway. after much sanding and a bit of spackle, here she is with the first coat of paint. more updates to come.


Sarah K. said...

On the black dresser painted pink: The panel of the drawers that were chipped-how did you fix that to make it smooth? Wood putty? I have a dresser with the same problem that I want to repaint but I don't know how to hide the chips. Thanks!

P.S. I also posted this to your flickr. :)

micha michelle said...

hey sarah.
i just used spackle + sandpaper. fill in the gaps, let it dry completely + sand them down before painting.