February 28, 2008

the shop*

this is a few random pictures i took of my grandpaw's wood shop, a few months back. this is one of my favorite places in the whole entire world. it's like magic to me. if i could live here i would. i guess it wouldn't be very comfortable + they have creepy white cockroaches there that have never seen the light of day. ok, so i wouldn't sleep there, but i wish i could visit more often.

as a kid the shop was like candyland to me, i guess partially because my grandpaw always keep tins full of circus peanuts, candied orange slices, + andes mints on hand. we always stole strawberry pop from the coke machine + sometimes he would take us down the street to krispy kreme for doughnuts. if you haven't guess, i have a huge sweet tooth, or most likely multiple sweet teeth.

aside from the literal sugar overload, it was also an unusual place, which satisfies. all the bathrooms were covered in random colored ceramic sample tiles. i wished our bathroom at home was that cool. there was also a wall filled with hanging formica tiles that i loved to play with. there were drawers full of stamps + ink pads, onionskin paper, drafting tape, + other fun office supplies we didn't have back home. it was exciting there. we sometimes had office chair races rolling across the floor. there were loud saws buzzing in the background and a layer a saw dust on just about everything. in fact you couldn't visit without taking with you, a few of those tiny particles of productivity.

just the smell of sawdust will forever remind me of the shop + my grandpaw.

the complete set of photos can be viewed here.

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