February 20, 2008

the bee's knees*

to say i've been overwhelmed this new year is a vast understatement. between becoming a first time homeowner, dealing with the nightmare that is construction/home renovations, moving everything i own in the middle of mardi gras [which is quite a feat in itself], and breaking up with my boyfriend of almost three years, i'm more than ready for a return to some type of normalcy. so many changes all at once is enough to make any girl crazy.

this is the time when i should be making things. being in my studio is the best way for me to work things out. unfortunately most of my sewing/art supplies are still in boxes. the clutter filled chaos, otherwise know as unpacking, doesn't help the situation either. besides, when there are so many things to tend to around the house, like trying to figure out how to relight the pilot light on a gas dryer, making time to sew gets pushed further down the to-do list.

so until the home-front is a bit more settled, i'm gonna focus on the image above. it's a collage i made a few years back. it's the prefect illustration of how i'd like to feel right now; young, carefree, frolicking with the bees, while super styling in a plaid paints suit. so until all the disorganized loose ends of my life are neatly tied back together, this is where your likely to find me.... with the bees.

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