March 25, 2008


etsy just keeps making the world a smaller place. a customer who bought one of my bette davis prints a few months back, asked if she could use the image on the cover of her soon to be published book. i said sure + we worked out the details. so i wanna congratulate Lauren Berlant on the publication of her latest book, The Female Complaint. lauren and heather, book designer of Duke University Press, were both a joy to work with. they sent me a copy of the finished publication + it arrived in the mail just yesterday. what a nice surprise to come home to on a monday afternoon.

the fruit in the corner are loquats or japanese plums from my backyard. i love having fruit trees of my very own. they're really tasty right off the tree, but i'll have to experiment with a few loquat recipes as well. if i come up with anything worth sharing, i'll be sure to post it.

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