January 23, 2008

prep, paint + pretty colors*

so this is what the kitchen cabinets looked like friday night before my mom and i prepped for painting. i will not go into detail about the nastiness lurking inside, but lets just say it was far from sanitary. when a house in uninhabited by people for a couple years the varmints tends to move in a set up house for themselves. after an hour of shop-vacuuming, tons of scrubbing with spray-on-bleach, and four coats of paint i think the cabinets are finally clean enough for me. it is fun to see the before+after though. especially when the transformation is so drastic.

we spent four days painting in horrible cold, rainy weather, but it was worth it. the house is so bright and cheery now, and not to mention girly as hell. below is what the kitchen looks like now, all lemon yellow and aqua. i'd also like to say thankyou! thankyou! thankyou! to my mom for helping me paint all four days, and thanks to my friend cecilia for getting out in the nasty weather to help out as well.

these are a few pics of the den which is an extension of the kitchen.

this is the bedroom + guest bedroom,

pink sewing room,

studio + half bath,

and these are my future sinks.
the green one goes with the blue bathtub.

if you in the new orleans area and into saving money, vintage housewares, and recycling, check out the green project. it's by the railroad tracks off st. claude in the ninth ward near the spellcaster lodge. another great place to shop for building supplies and such is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on airline at plank in baton rouge. i bought four brand new windows for about $160.00! they have an awesome selection of materials and take donations as well.


Audry said...

Your place looks FLY, yo!

micha michelle said...

thanks girl!

Sophie said...

oooh its looks so much nicer noe! Good work!