January 22, 2008

don't make me angry......

......you wouldn't like me when i'm angry.
so i'm a huge fan of the incredible hulk tv series. when i was three year olds my life's ambition was to grow up to be the incredible hulk. back then i truly want to be able to turn green and smash through brick walls, a talent that would have come in handy today.

well, i never stopped watching the show and it still holds true for me. few things delight me as much as an angst ridden episode with the dynamic duo, bill bixby and lou ferrigno, that is. besides david banner is a seamstress's dream come true, always busting at the seams (quite literally). today bix would have made seventy-four. he sadly passed away fifteen years ago from cancer. luckily for us, the hulk is now available on dvd in complete seasons to be enjoyed as often as i like. so, i think i'll go home and celebrate with a bell bottom laden journey with bix + louie.

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