November 29, 2009

Things to Make and Do... with Boris K: Part Two

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Don't put away the scissors + craft paper just yet. It's time for my second installment of Craft Experiments with Boris Karloff. This selection may be an obvious choice, the Clothespin Theater. Well, in this case the re-adapted No-Clothespin Theater. I have a tendency to disregard directions. This project is basically a papercraft diorama. The perfect showcase to stage a Boris K mini-production. Today's dramatization will be the windmill scene from Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein.

Here are the original instructions from Things to Make and Do.
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Project Number Two
No-Clothespin Theater

Bring back the internet images of Boris K as used in Project Number One. Again print them out in a desired size on cardstock paper. Embellish with paint if you like and cut out figures with an exacto knife.

You may cut out each character using the original backgrounds or trim closely and glue them on colored cardstock. Spray mount works best, but elmers glue may be used sparingly. Cut out background cardstock in desired shape. Be sure to use a strait edge when cutting the bottom edge. This will help your characters stand up better.

I have opted to disregard the clothespins in this project and make each character free standing. For stability, glue, paste or sew each character cutout to another sheet of cardstock or old folder. After image has been fixed trim around each cutout. You may use with pinking sheers for a decorative edge.

Cut two notches on each end about a 1/2 inch long. Make tabs of double ply cardstock or folder scraps [1/2 inch high x 2 inches long]. Line up one tab with one notch on your character. The tab should sit perpendicular to the bottom edge of your paper character. Fit two tabs to each character. Now they are ready for free standing. It's very similar to a paperdoll stand.

When making your theater, choose a medium to large sized box. Cover with craft paper and corresponding scene imagery from magazines, discarded books or internet printouts. For simplicities sake I just used random forest images. Now, set the stage.

If you'd like a few readmade paper characters, feel free to click, enlarge + download the images below.

...and if anyone should take on this Boris K Craft Challenge, please take pictures and share the love. Either post a link to your images in my comments box or email images to: bakingwithmedusa[at]

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