November 29, 2009

Things to Make and Do... with Boris K: Part One

be sure to visit Frankensteinia for seven days with Boris.

One of my favorite books as a child was Douglas Downey's 1976 publication, Things to Make and Do. I used to poor over the pages planning which project to do next. To this day, I still live to make things. So when it came time to whip up a few posts for the Boris Karloff Blogathon I naturally gravitated towards craft. My two blogathon contributions are a bit like chocolate + peanut butter to me... [stay with me] if crafts are great on their own + Boris K is somewhere beyond awesome, what do I get when I mix the to together? Limitless joy, that's what. I decided to revisit the old tride + true handicraft bible that is Things to Make and Do. I took two original projects and reworked them with Boris in mind. Now, on with the experiments.

Here are the original instructions from Things to Make and Do.
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Project Number One
Boris Karloff Finger-Puppets
First comb the internet for Boris images. Print chosen images on cardstock. Cut, paste + Frankenstein together your collected bits of Boris. Most Boris images tend to be black+white, so feel free to add color with paint or paperscraps. Cut two finger sized circles side by side on the bottom of each puppet.

Once your puppets are complete, trace the outside of each on an other sheet of cardstock or old folder. Cut out each backing silhouette slightly smaller than the original. Don't forget to cut out the finger holes as well. The backing will provide extra stability.

Line up the backing silhouette on the back of your puppet. Trace an outline for easy placement when gluing. Now, glue the backing to your puppet using glue or spray mount. Make sure to use your outlines as a placement guide.

Once your placement is set, press together from the center moving towards each edge. It's helpful to do this using a bone folder or the edge of a ruler.

Now your Boris K Puppets are ready for action.

If you'd like a few readymade Boris K Finger-Puppets, feel free to click, enlarge + download the images below. There are also a few Boris heads to choose from, if your up for the challenge.

... and if anyone should take up this Boris K Craft Challenge, please take picture and share the love. Either post a link to your images in my comments box or email images to: bakingwithmedusa[at]


Tenebrous Kate said...

I love this so much I am actually a little light-headed :) Fantastic stuff! Im-Ho-Tep is especially glam.

Peeping Tom said...

really really lovely!
i linked this in my blog :)

John r said...

I used to make these fingure puppets when I was younger (not as nifty though), I think it was a craft project from my cub scout manual. I also learned how to make a kite and tie a tie!

Horse & Hare said...

Love this! I have this book too!