October 1, 2008

the productivity bug*

so it's been a while. i've been distracted by hurricanes, birthdays + the day to day. trying my best to be productive + create work habits for myself. you would think it would be easy now that i have all this studio space, but it hasn't. it's been nearly a year since i've had the space or time to work at home. picking up the momentum again has been difficult to say the least. i'm not sure why. it would be nice if there was a productivity bug that with one bite, could kick start a weathered work ethic. maybe it would be a virus bug instead of a real bug. in any case, it's about time i caught it. hopefully there will be some crafty posts to be had in the very near future.

in the meantime here are a few pictures from sunday's hiking trip with my mom. we went to clark creek/tunica hills to hike the primitive trail. it ended up being a five hour hike due to all the down trees. the trail hadn't been cleared since hurricanes gustav + ike. it was quite the adventure. we had to navigate around [or over] trees . we got lost quite a few times as well due to all the debris, but we made it out alive. it was fun except for the mosquitoes. too bad mosquito bites don't ignite productivity. if that were the case, with as many bites as i have, i'd bee finished with two halloween costumes and starting on x-mas by now.

this was the coolest spider ever. i just love her fuzzy knee pads.


Unknown said...

I think that's a golden orb spider; I've seen a pic of one snacking out on a cicada--they're huge!

Holly Hall said...

When you find that bug, send him over to bite me. As long as it doesn't turn out to be that giant spider. You can just keep your productivity, if that's the case.