July 17, 2008

keeping busy*

so...it's been quite a while. i've been keeping busy though. unfortunately it's been more of a scattered, chaotic, not always productive sort of busy...but i suppose i shouldn't complain. i feel very much like my drawing of janus above. so many thoughts and ideas in my head, i'm having a hard time focusing on one thing at a time, like i'm of two minds sometimes. i guess it's better than having no ideas at all. i so look forward to future organization + getting settled at home. hopefully i can finish unpacking the studios this weekend. new projects will come soon to follow.

i would like to mention DIY City magazine, the new orleans edition. deb + wendy have done a great job putting together an awesome collection of new orleans diy resources. i gotta go back and thoroughly review the thrift shop section for new shops to haunt. the online magazine also has a set of featurettes on new orleanean artists + craftspersons. they were sweet enough to include me on their roster of diy locals. you can find the *baking with medusa* interview here.

DIY City is not just a great online magazine, it's an online community of do-it-yourselfers + super crafty types. so do yourself a favor + check it out.


diything said...

Thanks for the shout out and thanks for letting us do a feature on you as well. We are always looking for great indie designers to include in our mag. Our next stop in D. C. - so if you know of any designers in D. C. please send us an email!


That was a great interview :)