September 14, 2007

the russian music box*

i made this as a present for my ex-boyfriend a couple years ago. it is made entirely from items i had lying around my house, with the exception of the copper wire.

my good friend carolyn gave me this mini disco ball a while back. it's has a tiny motor inside to make it rotate. it also has a short cord with a plug on the end made to fit into a singular bulb socket on a string of x-mas lights. i've always wanted to put this ingenious invention to good use. this was the end result, a double barrel music box/nightlight. i spent a month or two actually constructing it and a month prior contemplating design and such.

it has two wind-up music boxes in the back. one plays close to you and the other plays chim-chim-cheree. they sound really great when played simultaneously. one of the music boxes has a rotating spring that spins around.

here's a list of other recycled/household items used:
weighted stand for a drafter's desk lamp
scraps of matboard
paper, paper, paper
pipe cleaners
spray mount
thread (and sewing machine)
old russian novels
pom pom balls
short strand of x-mas lights
color pencils
and a few other things i'm probably forgetting...

1 comment:

Elaine Kerr said...

too darned brilliant.....a cacophony of music and art! love your creativity!