September 17, 2007

confessions of self-professed packrat*

this is my studio. it's even messier that this now. to make things requires materials, supplies and the like. i've been collecting stuff for projects since i was a kid. i also have a hard time throwing away anything that can be useful. unfortuately, this can become a problem over time. i out grew my apartment over a year ago. i have been struggling to be productive in cramped quarters ever since. i can be organized, but with as much stuff/materials as i have that requires space, space i didn't have in my apartment.

instead of trying to find a bigger apartment in the less than affordable rental properites of new orleans, i decided to buy a house. i've been dreaming of owning my own house for years now. just think of it, complete control of your environment. i can paint the walls any color i like, drill holes for built in shelving, or drip paint on the floors in my studio if i so choose, because it's mine. i have big plans for this house, including two studios, one for sewing and one for paper/drawing/computer/ect... + print shop space, as well.

i will be the first to admit that i am a true packrat space-monger, so hopefully the 1250+ sqft will tide me over for a few years. right now construction and structural repairs are underway. next time i'll try to post a few pics documenting the changes being made.

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Moderator said...

Congratulations. I'm looking forward to seeing the new place.