March 9, 2007

treat baskets*

ok.... so i'm a huge fan of making presents. my favorite part about making a present for someone is definitely wrapping it all up at the end. it's honestly the best type of closure ever! sometimes i spend as much time wrapping something up as i do making it. making treat baskets is an especially fun project. besides, what could be better than a basket full of tiny surprises???

so in preparation for peter cottontail, all his hippity hopping and the like.... consider putting together a few handmade easter baskets this year. household items like recycled tofu containers, paper scraps, and a little bit of imagination can go a long way. here are a few examples of treat baskets i've made in the past. check back soon for tips on how to make stuffed paper monsters, fun ways to decorate easter eggs, and how to make baskets from recycled household items.

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