March 21, 2007

altered photos*

i've been super busy working on a costume for a friend, but i really wanted to post something. so.... here are a few altered photos i made a couple years back. these are really fun to work on, especially on those days when you feel like working on something, but you don't wanna start completely from scratch. first, print a digital photo or scanned image on heavy weight cardstock. the rest is up to you.

the cardstock makes for a great drawing, painting, & collaging, surface. it's pretty much unlimited possiblities from here on out. sometimes i go back and forth between old fashioned drawing and photoshopping. i'll bring the photo/drawing to a certain point, scan it, photoshop it, reprint it, & then start drawing again. computers are pretty amazing!!! i'm so glad i've gotten past my "computers are the spawn of satan" stage in life. i'd certainly be missing out if i had remained so closed minded.

this was one of those panoramic photos that i split into three panels. unfortunately, that camera broke. oh well, how long can you expect a $20 plastic camera to last.

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The Lone Beader® said...

Wow! Your altered photos rock! Thanks for finding me=:)