March 10, 2011

Parade Day

a few pics from 'titREX Parade 2011. more images may be found filed away in flickr. wish i had more to say, but i believe i'm still experiencing post-parade letdown. you work so hard for so long to finish everything up for this one moment, then mourn the loss of a project completed. oh well there is always next year.

a few examples of tiny throws. this year i made: tiny beads [as always] - glitterized army men - handpainted dolls, firemen + action figures in 'titREX colors - sewing kits memorializing the Triangle Fire of 1911 [my float subject this year].

my too little, too late float subject was the Triangle Fire of 1911. the tragedy brought to light the inhumane conditions of garment factory workers, which lead to labor reform and nation wide safety standards... but all too late for the 146 lives lost. march 25th this year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Fire of New York City. i'll have more on that subject closer to the 25th. till then, check out the link above in boldface for more information.

click on images for larger viewing.

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