March 19, 2012

spanish folk crafts

this is an amazing book detailing the traditional folk crafts of spain. i still haven't had the chance to really read much of it [i keep getting wrapped up in all the glorious images]. what i like best about this book is that there are plenty photos of the actual craftsmen + women. text by maria antonia pelauzy + photos by f. catala roca, published in 1978. ISBN 84-7031-060-7

my favorite section is a chapter on traditional breads + sweets. i have a particular interest in figurative + decorative breads. this book is more of an overview or history of spanish craft. unfortunately there are no instructional elements... but it's still an absolute joy. the palmas + palmones made for Palm Sunday are nothing short of breath-taking.

here's the table of contents + a few of my favorite images from various chapters. click images for larger viewing.

more photos may be found here.

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theperfectnose said...

Oh wow, these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I love the bread and the blanket.