October 9, 2009

HULKenstein: Part 2

yet another HULKenstein moment. this time taken from "A Death in the Family" episode two, season one of the INCREDIBLE HULK television series [November 1977]. here we see a kindly old man offering HULK a little food + booze. clearly an homage to the blind man scenes from the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. of course there's one major difference....

both scenes end in a blaze, but the difference is clear.
frankenstein's monster - "drink good"
HULK - drink bad, very bad.

check back next friday for the next HULKenstein installment.


John R said...

If the bum had been classy enough to be drinking a fine Scotch whiskey, then I am certain Hulk would have been "drink good, drink very, very good!!" Always set aside a little fine liquor just in case you have to share with a giant green monster is the lesson that should be learned here.

micha michelle said...

true dat!