September 30, 2009

halloween in film: part 1

so halloween is fast approaching. in preparation for costume making this holiday season, i will be doing a series of posts highlighting halloween [particularly halloween costumes+decor] in film. today's selection is from Lady in White. i absolutely love the bela lugosi vampire mask lucas haas wears in the begining of the film. the classroom scenes on halloween day rock. what could be better than a school day with candy, jack-o-lanterns, costumes + creepy creative writing? having lucy lee flippen [aka eliza jane wilder from little house in the prairie] as your third grade teacher that's what.

anyway, enough of my little house fixations. below are image stills from the halloween day portion of Lady in White [click on images for enlarged viewing]. more images from the film may be found here.

sorry, i can't resist kids with the demoniac stare.

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SaraHaase said...

These images are GORGEOUS. I went ahead and rented the film because of this post. Eh. I'm sure I would totally love it if I had grown up watching it. Too bad. it was visually AWESOME though.