February 2, 2009

of interest*

i know i've been quite neglectful of my wee little craft blog as of late. no worries, my momentum has taken shape + loads of craftiness is on the way. in the mean time, here's the first of what will become an added element here on *baking with medusa* ....the of interest* post. consider it a source of random favorites, poignant research + for lack of a better word... inspiration.

today's selection is Cake Wrecks, when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong. i stumbled across this blog a few months back. for some reason, most likely insanity, i forgot all about it. luckily i was re-reminded of it's awesomeness [thanks natalia]. i think i might actually start going to baby showers again, if it meant experiencing the hilarious absurdity of a darth vader - it's a girl cake. the world seems like a much better place, just knowing that a cake like this even existed.

be sure to read the cake wrecks commentary here.

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