February 25, 2009

good-bye mardi gras*

alas it is ash wednesday, which always marks the closing of yet another mardi gras season here in new orleans. no matter how many parades you attend, how many costumes you throw together or how much fun is had, you always feel like you still missed out on something, then you remember that... there is always next year. a simple fact that seemed uncertain after katrina. but come mardi gras 2006, only six months after the storm, the parades did roll... and we didn't miss a beat.

so here's to mardi gras 2009 + many, many more to come. this year marked the start of a new mardi gras tradition, one that i hope will continue. 'titREX Parade: New Orleans first micro-krewe and shoebox processional, rolled through the streets of the ninth ward on valentine's day. i feel very fortunate to have been a part of this hopefully annual event. the parade's theme this year was tiny victories. parade day pics may be found here.

here are a few process pics of my 'titREX float entitled Your Never Gonna Take Me ... Alive.

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Wow, this is wicked awesome. Cool! Thanks!