November 17, 2008

late halloween post*

it was a R2D2 halloween for my nephew this year. it's so fun to rediscover star wars through both my nephews. it was such a big part of me, my sister + brother's childhood. so i'm glad it's been passed along to the next generation. besides, what's cooler than wanting to be a robot? i had the best time trying to make a comfortable, kid friendly R2 costume. you just can't get any better than white corduroy + silver lame.

more costume pics + R2D2 dance moves can be found here.


Melissa said...

I love this costume- It's one of the best R2's I've seen!! How did you make R2's head? I'm working on an r2d2 costume for my son for this Halloween and am looking for ideas.

micha michelle said...

hi melissa,

i did originally plan on posting how-to instructions on the R2DR costume, but never quite got around to it. the head piece is all fabric + batting. i also used about 6 strips of boning at cross points. i'm not sure how to explain it without drawings. but the boning gives it structure.

it also helps to use a ball [of adequate size] to help draft the pattern. i will try to work up a quick post with some sketches to give you a better idea.

take care, m.

Melissa said...

Thanks!! I was trying to figure out from looking at the picture how the head stayed up,since it looks so soft, the boning explains it. I'll hopefully be able to go from there to figure it out, but I certainly wouldn't complain if you put up instructions ;)

kim said...

Wow, awesome costume! I really admire your craftsmanship (I'm not a sewing person). Would you be interested in selling me one for my 5 year old for Halloween?