April 18, 2008

a gelatinous existence*

here are a few pics i took about eight years ago at the oregon coast aquarium in newport. i have a definite thing for jellyfish, sea anemones + all types of underwater gelatinous creatures. there just so beautiful, especially the way they move. plus i'm infinitely curious about what it must be like to be soft and squishy throughout your entire body. to have an entirely fluid existence must be great. i mean have you ever seen a clumsy jellyfish? i guess they're pretty clumsy on land. ok, i'm not sure where i'm going with this, but having no bones to break or sensitive joints or tendons to contend with sounds good to me right about now.

i'm still working on my house, but it's going slow due to the deQuervain's tenosynovitis i've been diagnosed with. i'm supposed to take things easy and refrain from using my right hand, particularly my thumb. i have to wear a splint and take tons of advil, which hasn't really helped much. i'm trying to be more ambidextrous as well, but i still can't draw left handed, so times are tough. oh well, if i don't take care now, i'll never get better. i guess if i had a giant aquarium full of jellyfish + anemones to watch all day, i'd feel a bit better about my lack of productivity. anyways i found these photos when i was rooting through things, to find my sketchbook [that i prolly shouldn't draw in] yesterday, so i thought i'd share.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh I hope it runs its course and leaves you alone. :( I love your new drawing with the double faces. I wish I where in Oregon. Great pics of the aquarium creatures. I can smell the fishy saltwater!