April 7, 2008

fasten your seat belts...*

i have to admit, i'm quite reluctant to use my blog for shameless self promotion. but for bette davis i'm willing to make an exception. i love watching bette davis movies. years ago when i was teaching printmaking at WSU, i started working on a series of small bette linocuts. there all head shots from her films over the years. i liked having something to work on while my students were busy with their own work. at the end of three semesters i had over 40 bette portraits.

on saturday, april 5th, she would have made 100 years old. in honor of her birthday, i'm having a sale on all bette davis prints in my etsy shop throughout april. i will also include a free betteD. paperdoll with every order placed this month.

if you have yet to see any of her films, here a few of my favorites:

hush.... hush, sweet charlotte
all about eve
now voyager
of human bondage
the old maid
& of course
what ever happened to baby jane?

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