March 30, 2007

tofu salad*

my good friend linda taught me how to make tofu salad. the best thing about it, other than being super easy to make, is that it's so versatile. you make it the way you like it.
so.... this isn't so much a recipe as an incentive to experiment with you food. i suppose tofu salad is sort of like egg salad, but better!!! it goes well with crackers, on a sandwich, or in burritos. it's truly up to you.

here's how i make it:
you'll need a block of tofu, plain yogurt, and your favorite spices.

first, remove all the excess water form the tofu. i like to break the block into smaller pieces and squeeze all the water out with my hands. i'm sure their is a more refined way of doing this, but my way suits me just fine. once the water is removed, break up the tofu into small sized crumbles. it will sort of resemble feta cheese.

second, i douse it with a fair share of bragg's liquid aminos. this is a soy based seasoning i use quite regularly instead of salt. then i throw in a bunch of seasonings, like curry, turmeric, & cayenne pepper. now, add a couple table spoons of plain yogurt and stir. i never really measure anything, i just add to taste. keep adding small amounts of yogurt until you have a somewhat creamy consistency. i just keep adding spices until it tastes just right. to add a bit of color, and extra flavor, i like to add cilantro, or in this case spinach. oh, and almost forgot, i added a generous amount of fresh ground flax seeds, for good measure.

and that's pretty much it. an entire block of tofu makes enough salad to last a good four or five servings. it's a nice thing to have in the fridge on those days you just don't want to cook. you may substitute mayo for yogurt, sea salt for bragg's, and change the spices to your tastes.
so whip up some tofu salad and enjoy!

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