July 14, 2009

Crossville Treehouse

i always dreamed of living in the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse when i was a kid... that or the Addams Family house, or perhaps on 1313 Mockingbird Lane with the Munsters.... or in a lighthouse like shirley temple in Captain Jaunary. i still want to live in a lighthouse, or pretty much any of the aforementioned residencies.

...but back to treehouses.
if you adore treehouses + are in the tennessee/nashville area, be sure to make your way to crossville. in crossville you'll find Horace Burgess's 97 foot, ten story, dream of all my dreams, behemoth of a treehouse. i don't care how far out to your way it is, it's more than worth the trip. i will defintely make it back there someday. i especially love what i like to call the tornado staircase [because it looks like hundreds of wood scraps frozen in a tornado, devouring the side of a giant treehouse].

you may find directions + reviews at roadside america.

more photos may be found here.